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Narrow Gate

"By the hairs of Beruthin! He's still breathing! I can't understand why people use twisted spells even though they know they'll gonna end up like this?"

"Have you ever heard about Borlas the Holy? He was a foul lord who racked and tormented people just for more wealth. One day, he found a secret of spell from Holy Light Realm Long Forgotten. Borlas tried to gain endless wealth using the power of light.
Even though he earned what he wanted, what he never wanted came after that.
He turned over a new leaf, began to help people with all he got.
Borlas who once was evil became known as noble man and died peacefully in the bed.

Men like the guy over here wouldn't have wanted that kind of consequence.
Such people will want a blood-rusty sword that he can use at will, even though he knows that sword will eventually betray him."

"Your story is always full of moral ans lesson. And too long."